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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions from users. If you have a question that does not appear in this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What type of hotel is Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Petit Palace Alcalá, an exclusive boutique hotel, is housed in Madrid's historic first skyscraper, the iconic 'Edificio la Unión y el Fénix Español.' Nestled in the heart of Madrid, this distinguished building embodies architectural grace, captivating with its refined art deco style and exquisite interior layout.

  • What category does Petit Palace Alcalá belong to?

    Petit Palace Alcalá is a 4-star hotel offering premium services with modern facilities and spectacular city views.

  • Who is Petit Palace Alcalá oriented towards?

    Petit Palace Alcalá welcomes travelers of diverse profiles, renowned for its wide range of services and facilities designed for families with children, couples, groups of friends, and business trips.

  • Is Petit Palace Alcalá suitable for families with children?

    This family-friendly establishment, Petit Palace Alcalá, provides a wide variety of services for families with children, such as cribs, high chairs, bathtubs, booster seats, and a children's play area. We also offer breakfast with options for the little ones, bottle warmers upon request, and a babysitting service for an additional cost. Discover what our family hotels are like at Petit Palace.

  • What are the check-in and check-out times at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Check-in at Petit Palace Alcalá rooms starts at 2:00 pm, and check-out is at 12:00 pm.

  • Is it possible to check in earlier than the designated time at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, the possibility of early room entry is subject to availability. If you wish to access your room earlier, please contact our reception team to check availability.

  • Can you stay in Petit Palace Alcalá after checking out?

    While waiting, at Petit Palace Alcalá, you can enjoy the hotel's common areas and a welcoming hall with city views. Additionally, we offer a luggage storage service at the reception to ensure the safety of your belongings while you explore the city until the last moment.

  • If I arrive early at Petit Palace Puerta del Alcalá, can I enjoy the facilities?

    Welcome to Petit Palace Alcalá. If you arrive early, feel free to enjoy our common areas and facilities until your room is ready. Don't hesitate to contact our reception team to discover all the available services and facilities.

  • Can I store my luggage before check-in or after check-out at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, we take care of your luggage in our storage. Get in touch with our reception staff to manage your bags before your arrival and at the time of check-out.

  • Does Petit Palace Alcalá serve a buffet breakfast?

    The exquisite buffet-style breakfast at Petit Palace Alcalá offers a wide range of options, from sweet delights with homemade pastries to savory dishes and specially designed products for children. This allows you to choose your ideal breakfast every day.

  • Are there dining options available for people with food intolerances at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, our buffet breakfast offers a wide range of options for guests with allergies or intolerances, including gluten-free products, vegan alternatives, healthy choices, and lactose-free milk. Contact our dining team to discover the available food and beverage alternatives.

  • Does Petit Palace Alcalá have a restaurant?

    Petit Palace Alcalá does not have a restaurant on-site, but its privileged location in the center of Madrid allows you to enjoy the diverse local gastronomy nearby.

  • Is breakfast complimentary at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Yes, breakfast at Petit Palace Alcalá is complimentary. Enjoy the best way to start the morning with a delicious breakfast and stunning views of Madrid... and it's free.

  • What are the breakfast hours at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Having breakfast at Petit Palace Alcalá is an experience you'll want to share. Our dining area boasts panoramic views of Alcalá and Sevilla streets, and you can have breakfast from 7:30 am to 10:30 am on weekdays and until 11:00 am on weekends. The most beautiful breakfast in Madrid!

  • Are cots available in the rooms at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, we care about your baby's rest and provide cots and bathtubs. Request the cot in your reservation or at the hotel reception.

  • Does Petit Palace Alcalá offer laundry service?

    We offer a laundry service at Petit Palace Alcalá to clean your clothes during your stay. To know the service details, such as delivery times and additional costs, please contact our reception.

  • What types of rooms does Petit Palace Alcalá have?

    In Petit Palace Alcalá, you'll find double, triple, and quadruple rooms, accommodating up to 4 people.

  • Are there safes in the rooms at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    All rooms at Petit Palace Alcalá come with a safe to ensure your safety and comfort.

  • Are hairdryers available at Petit Palace Alcalá in the rooms?

    In every room at Petit Palace Alcalá, you'll find a hairdryer in the bathroom.

  • Are there minibars or refrigerators in the rooms at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    All rooms at Petit Palace Alcalá are equipped with a minibar to store beverages, food, or items requiring refrigeration.

  • Is Petit Palace Alcalá a pet-friendly accommodation?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, we're delighted to welcome pets, whether dogs or cats, as a space that embraces your furry companions.

  • Are pets allowed in the rooms at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, you can share your room with your pet, as we are a pet-friendly hotel that allows pets to stay in the same reserved rooms.

  • Is there a cost for accommodating pets at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Booking your pet's stay through Petit Palace Alcalá's official website means your pet stays for free. If you book through other platforms, an additional charge of €25 per stay applies.

  • What pet services does Petit Palace Alcalá offer?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, we provide water bowls and a bed for your pet, ensuring your travel companion's comfort throughout the stay.

  • In what languages is reception attended at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Our reception team at Petit Palace Alcalá is available to assist you in multiple languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

  • What services does Petit Palace Alcalá offer at reception?

    Petit Palace Alcalá offers a wide range of practical services, such as Wi-Fi, laundry, complimentary bike rentals, MIFI devices, tourist information, work areas, and a welcoming lobby with sofas and a vapor fireplace.

  • What is the smoking policy at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Petit Palace Alcalá is a smoke-free environment, strictly prohibiting smoking in both rooms and common areas of the hotel.

  • Is Petit Palace Alcalá a hotel committed to environmental sustainability?

    At Petit Palace Alcalá, we are committed to environmental management through programs focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable purchases.

  • Do the rooms at Petit Palace Alcalá have free Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi connection at Petit Palace Alcalá is free for our guests and available in both rooms and common areas.

  • What parking options does Petit Palace Alcalá offer?

    Petit Palace Alcalá doesn't have its own parking, we can offer a discount to our guests at an external parking close to the hotel. Remember that our hotel is in a restricted zone to access the center of Madrid, and vehicles need to have the environmental label. Inquire at reception for more details.

  • Are there accessible rooms for people with disabilities at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    Petit Palace Alcalá is accessible for people with reduced mobility. For more details about our facilities, please contact reception.

  • Are there discounts for returning guests at Petit Palace Alcalá?

    When staying at Petit Palace Alcalá, you gain exclusive benefits as a member of The Tripster Club. Get a 10% discount at any ICON Hotels and PETITPALACE HOTELITY from your first stay. Also, accumulate bookings to get discounts on future stays, dining services, and access to premium services. Join the Tripster Club now!